Orchids at Kew Gardens


Stunning peacock in the glasshouse

At Kew Gardens this month, visitors can enjoy the promise of Spring in the garden where snowdrops, helebores and aconites are making an appearance.  For more exotic blooms, head for the Princess of Wales glasshouse, where a taste of India awaits in the form of giant floral displays celebrating the culture and plant life of India.

An orchid-laden Rickshaw piloted by a curious moss-figure.

Entry to the exhibition is included with normal admission.  Amongst the displays are a number of exotic animals created from plantlife such as the peacock pictured above and this charming elephant below.

A lichen covered elephant greets visitors to the glasshouse

In this, Kew’s 22nd year of the orchid festival, more than 4,500 orchids have been used in the displays, which range from the aforementioned animals to Indian themed carts and rickshaws.

Giant hanging display above the pool

In the damp warmth of the glasshouse, the pools (complete with giant carp) reflect the enormous orchid arrangements hanging above and in other areas, orchids are suspended from wires in the ceiling.

miniature pineapples amongst the blooms

Arrangements of all sizes bring a taste of the exotic to the drab days of February.  I was lucky enough to visit the orchids on one of the orchid ‘lates’ – evening opening from 6-9.30pm.  Details of the late openings can be found on the Kew website   The orchid display runs until 5th March 2017.

hanging orchids


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