NGS spring gardens prove surprising

Many people might associate the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) with hazy summer days, overflowing borders and cream teas under a parasol on the lawn. ┬áNot quite so, and the NGS, as well as raising millions of pounds for British care charities┬áin fact promotes gardens open throughout the year. DAFFODILS AT DACHS, WEST SUSSEX With daffodils... Continue Reading →


Little Mynthurst Garden, Horley, Surrey – open under the NGS scheme.

Little Mynthurst Farm is situated in the village of Norwood Hill, near Horley in Surrey and is only open once or twice a year under the National Gardens Scheme. The former home of Lord Baden Powell, this Grade ll listed house, with parts dating back to the 16th century is mainly timber framed with a... Continue Reading →

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